Bob Dylan – Block Print

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Bob Dylan – Block Print

****** 25 prints in this limited edition on Burgundy Wine French cover stock ************
Any Dylan fans out there? This is an original block print of the man himself, or the undead man himself. I’ve always been a huge fan of Bob Dylan, my first exposure was as a kid listening to my parents Dylan records. Then as I got older into my teen years, I turned all my stoner friends onto “Everyone must get stoned”.

Today, much older I can look back and see who Bob Dylan really was and appreciate what he has done to change the face of modern americana. Its funny to look back across my life and see all the twists and turns and nostalgia, what better way to pay tribute.

Each print measures 9×11 inches. Printed on Burgundy Wine French cover stock with custom mixed water base block inks. Make sure to check out my etsy shop to get a copy!

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