Death’s Head Hawkmoth – Bandana

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Death’s Head Hawkmoth – Bandana

The Death’s Head Hawkmoth has to be one of the creepiest insects there is. You will find this species the most feared species of moth most notably because of its associations with the supernatural. For example, you will find it mentioned in classic gothic literature such as Bram Stokers Dracula.

The Death’s Head Hawkmoth Bandana is based from four of my own hand carved blocks. Due to the labor involved in the block printing process, these bandanas are screen printed reproductions. Each bandana measures 22″x22″ using water based inks.You can check out my Etsy store for details.

  • IMG_1730-web
  • IMG_1746-black-web
  • IMG_1747-blue-web
  • IMG_1749-red-web
  • IMG_1751-red-web
  • IMG_1754-blue-web
  • IMG_1756-black-web
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