Straw Castle is a design moniker; Straw Castle is also a brand that includes t-shirts, embroidered patches, and original block prints. Either way, you have come to the right spot. This website is to highlight the work of Derrick Castle, the creative force behind Straw Castle.

For years, Derrick has been developing his own unique vision in the design community, experimenting with a variety of methods for creating reproducible art and design. His favorite, he found, is block printing, a primitive form of relief printing where an image is hand-carved into a material such as wood or linoleum, then coated with a thin layer of ink, and pressed to paper stock or textiles to create the relief print.

“The hand-crafted nature of block printing, with all its imperfections, gives each print so much character,” says Derrick. “People want products created by artisans, not cheap, mass-produced designs. The booming popularity of the craft beer and distilling movement as well as local crafts and artists prove that people are drawn to products made with passion and care. That’s why I believe my style of design resonates with people.”

Derrick’s unique designs can be seen on many products and brands. Derrick has worked with a wide range of clients including NIKE, Harley Davidson, Miller Highlife, Under Armour, Men’s Health Magazine, Landyachtz, Affliction, The Secret Artists Collective, and merch companies Live Nation and Uprising Creative, who represent most of the top acts in the music industry.

Here you will find a collection Derrick’s works, Client and Straw Castle Brand alike.


  1. Tin
    October 8, 2011


    I just scroll on the internet for about a week and a half trying to find some designer who has quality and there you are!

    My name is Tin Bačić and I coming from Croatia, Zagreb but his isn´t important. I want you to ask you how much do you charge for one of your design for t-shirt because I plan to start my clothing line which will be called The Teezers. Anyway, I will be designing print for it but I would like to freelance for me because I need your skills to create for me some characters like pin-up girls, choopers… that kind of stuff, because I can design letters. So let me know what is your price for that and maybe we can work on some projects. I can also send you some test design that I design so you can see what style Im talking about.

    Let me know If you are interested.


    November 14, 2011

    Hello Derrick,

    I am the owner of an up and coming clothing line, RELIK REALM CLOTHING. Our core goal was to focus on the boxing industry but now things have changed a bit. We have been up for a few months and the boxing scene was going great when we got signed to go on tour with a rock promotion company. We will be touring and dressing some of the biggest rock groups our there, both established and up and coming. Which is why I am coming to you. We have been blessed to focus on a broader range of customers now. Since, the begining I had a vision of what my clothing line, designwise, had to be. We have worked with a one or two designers that didnt really fit in with what i wanted to do. Until I saw your designs. I wanted to get more info on how you work. Hopefully I hear from ya.

    Relik Realm

  3. Kevin
    June 17, 2012

    Dear Mr. Castle,

    My name is Kevin, and I’m putting together a Kickstarter book project called “M is for Monster,” an A to Z alphabet book written in rhyming couplets like Edward Gorey’s “Ghastlycrumb Tinies.” I am looking for artists, and would like to know if you’d like to hear more about the project.

    At your convenience, I can be reached at this address. I hope to hear from you soon.



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