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Straw Castle Primitive Prints

Each style in the Straw Castle Primitive Prints Collection is from my own original block prints. The new collection is now available on Etsy, see bellow for details.


Bury the Hatchet

“Bury the Hatchet” is an old North American idiom coined around the time of the English settlers settled in North America. The saying was based on the native custom of burying a hatchet as a symbol of peace between Native American tribes.

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Moonshine Corn Liquor

Before the Volstead act of 1920, Bourbon was the the lively hood of many Kentuckians. After the distilleries closed, many were left without work. At that time folks set out to make a new tradition; Makin a living for their families selling Moonshine Corn liquor.

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Honor me in Death

In times past, hunters participated in rituals following the death of an animal taken while during the hunt. Hunters would give thanks to the great Stag, and to God, for the resulting nourishment of the kill. Honor the death of the Stag, for he died so you may live.

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Pushing Up Daisies

“Pushing Up Daisies” is an original hand carved and printed block print. Pushing up Daisies is an old American idiom for one being “Dead and Buried.”

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Stag Force

Join the “Stag Force” with this premium custom embroidered patch. We are an underground order who will only be identified through the Great Stag with the suspended all seeing eye.

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Block Printing

The Primitive Prints collection is based on the block printing aesthetic. I’v been experimenting with a variety of methods for creating reproducible art and design. My favorite is block printing, a primitive form of relief printing dating back to a time before 220AD

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** All photos by Bombs Over Betty here in Nashville. Make sure to check them out on their Facebook page or Website! **


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