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“Las Bandidas” is an 18×24 3 color Screen Print. Inspired by Mexican folk art as well as stories from the Mexican revolution of 1910.

Prior to the Mexican Revolution, Mexico enacted the Mexican Civil Code which dramatically restricted the rights of all mexican women. Women were silently consumed by family and the Catholic Church without any identity of their own. “Las Bandidas” celebrates the women of Mexico who were an integral part of the Mexican Revolution and the overthrow of Porfirio Diaz’s oppressive regime.


  1. Cholo Nation
    October 7, 2013


    It would be nice to discuss working with you on designs for our Latino Hispanic company. A lot of these designs are exactly connecting with out Chicano mission. Celebrating our culture not only in the US, but in Brazil, Japan, Australia and many other countries that are creating their own Cholo/Chicano subculture. We are looking for designers that have a passion for art and want to celebrate the chicano culture in an attempt to preserve it. We also work hard as we donate a portion of revenues back in to the barrios and nonprofits to help our Chicano brothers and sisters to help future generations. Looking at your art, it seems as if this would be something you would be interested in. Please message us when you have some free time. Thank you for creating such wonderful pieces.

  2. boum
    April 10, 2014

    En todo caso será: LAS BANDIDAS ó LA BANDIDA. Buen trabajo!


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