Hailing from northern central Tennessee, when Aldo the Apache talked about “making a livin’ for the family sellin’ moonshine corn liquor”, I know all about that. Nashville is only a short drive from Bourbon country.

My Grandfather was born and raised in northern Kentucky. Prior to 1920, Bourbon was the the lively hood of many Kentuckians. Like many areas of the country, Kentucky’s economy was crushed by the Volstead Act. After the distilleries closed, many folks were left without work. Some families left the state in search of new opportunities. But, as Aldo said, others set out to make a new tradition; Makin a living for their families selling Moonshine Corn liquor.

This print is inspired by Aldo Raines wisdom as well as my Grandfather and family, leaving their Kentucky home to find gainful employment in Nashville…. all because of the unintentional consequences of prohibition and the destruction of the American Economy.

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  1. Janice
    February 7, 2014

    Can you make the men moonshine t shirt in women size? Need one for female birthday gift in women size small


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